Evènement caritatif*

5 elements: Earth … Water … Fire … Air …

According you, what could be the 5thelement?
Love ?… as in the Luc Besson movie ?
Or Ether , Being , Humanity ???
Should we continue to separate these elements in our life ???
And if a Sixth element become in your life … ???

5 continents : from the East to the West, how the others people consider those 5 elements ? And if we would have the same basic approach ???

And if a 6th continent was born … ???

Discover all those subjects thanks theconferences , workshops, exhibitions, concerts …of the greatest philosophers , researchers , lecturers, shamans , writers, storytellers & artists…..

*Charity events whose profits will be dedicated to the works supported by our stakeholders, including the School of Save the Expression for disabled Children & weakened, the QOA association, Gabon’s Orphanage supported by Geneviève Delpech the earthquake victims aid organization in Nepal supported by Gorka Etxarri, the association for the installation of wells in villages Tuareg, etc … To donate, click this link

The First Exhibition of the DIY for BB * Bloggers

* Do It Yourself for Better Being

A  Lounge where you can share and learn with top bloggers
their ” Do it yourself ” best recipes for “Better Being”.

Henri Faisan Space – Palais Beaumont – Free entry

Art Exhibition with the theme:

“5 elements 5 continents”

A walk between Fire and Ocean, Earth and inspirations
An opportunity to meetartists , oceanographers , designers and musicians …

Hall of the Palais Beaumont – Free entry